Plastic Surgery – The Various Types of Plastic Surgeries Performed Today

We hear the term Plastic Surgeons Alabama being thrown around a lot these days with the vast number of celebrities that choose to touch up on areas which they feel could be worked upon. But what does the term mean exactly? Despite its namesake, plastic surgery very rarely involves the use of plastic in any shape or form. The word “Plastic” when dealing with this type of surgery hails from the Greek word Plastikos, which means “to shape”, “to form” or “to mold”. And that is what plastic surgery implies. Correcting perceived imperfections by method of the use of forming or shaping for cosmetic purposes or for functional purposes is what what is known as plastic surgery. The use of reconstructive surgery dates as long ago as 2000BC. Significant figures since then include Sushruta Samhita who lived over 2000 years ago. The works of this individual spread throughout Europe by what was then known as the Arabic world. As such, Sushruta is often named the “father of plastic surgery”.

Just like how persons vary in personality, their reasons for going under the knife will be different as well. However, they usually fall into one of two groups, reconstructive surgery to enhance function or owing to an illness or trauma, plastic surgery to fight the effects of age along with those that use cosmetic surgery to amend imperfections. As mentioned above, there are three frequent procedures that are performed for a variety of reasons. Those that decide or require reconstructive procedures are usually those that have experienced particular form of deformity due to fractures, burns, cancer, tumors, infection or disease routinely choose reconstructive procedures not as a means of enhancement but as a means of restoring form or function that was lost owing to their condition.

Possibly the largest group, those that want cosmetic surgery. It is primarily used as a means of improving particular aspects about a persons features that were deemed imperfect or thought possible to be improved upon. A wide topic that includes breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, cheek as well as chin augmentation along with eyelid modification. Finally, we have specialized plastic surgery. Depending on the circumstances, extra specialized procedures may perhaps be required for the recovery of function or form. Hand surgery along with craniofacial surgery may be needed by those that suffering on these parts of the body.

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